Jan. 1st, 2016

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Not in any particular order:
1.) I turned 30! I'm enjoying my 30's thus far. I threw myself a birthday party for the first time since I was 10! People came! People sang to me! I was surrounded by people I loved playing board games and eating cake. It was awesome.

2.) I took a great trip to Oregon with [livejournal.com profile] dorchadas, his parents, and sister. We visited so many places and did a ton of hiking. I used to hate hiking as a kid but now that I'm in better shape and taking better care of myself I really love it. The hike on the Paradise trail of Mt. Rainer was my favorite.

3.) Got hired on in a tenure track position at the job I held last year. There was a ton of stress of me about this and in all honesty I don't know if I'll feel totally comfortable until I get tenure. This is expressed by me putting off decorating my office. I should do that.

4.) Cosplayed at conventions. I hadn't cosplayed since before I left for Japan and didn't go out on a super high note. Cosplay has always been an easy excuse for me to act out on a lot of my issues. But I had an overwhelmingly positive experience doing Black Widow at C2E2 and Anime Central as well as doing Princess Celestia at Ponyville Ciderfest. Best part of both cosplays were the little kids who wanted pictures with me.

5.) Ran a 5k race for the first time in a few years. I did this with a group of friends dressed as the Avengers. My time was better than the first race I ran and even though it was cold and raining and my lungs were like "Why did you not get your inhaler?". This year I decided I'm going to try training for a half marathon, and if I don't like that then I'll step it down to a 10k. I don't have a particular race in mind but I feel like my overall fitness goals: more agility and stamina are stagnating. I'm also hoping to try new fitness classes over the summer!

6.) Finished the LARP I was in and it was an incredible 2 year run with a community I love. I wrote a lot about the experience with this LARP, which also was the first closed-ended LARP I played in. It really was a LARP that taught me how to say goodbye (Fifth Star's going hoooooome /is Hamilton Trash this year...also a thing that happened)

7.) Hit 1 year eating disorder behavior free. I regularly attend meetings in person or online, am switching from 1 on 1 dietitian work to group social eating work. I exercise with more of a sense of balance these days. My hair has grown back and is getting fuller all the time. I recently had my story about what it was like, what I did, and how it's different now published on the EDA website and set to be in their Big Book.

8.) Wrote 2 novels in a year. I finished the Shadowstrings Trilogy about Bucky and I's characters from LARP. I wrote the 2nd book for Camp Nanowrimo in June and the final book this past November. I learned a lot writing them but the biggest thing was a sense of closure. After writing the three books about Nehmer and Devorah, I realized that I was done telling their story and ready to move on to what comes next. Now begins the editing process...

9.) Went to Alenia which if you had asked me a few years ago if I would go I would have laughed in your face. I went! It was fun! The food was good and it felt worth the price of the tickets. The company was great and it's definitely something I'd do again at another point in my life. I'm learning to enjoy eating without obsessing and Alenia was a nice nod to that.

10.) Celebrated 8 years of marriage and a decade of coupledom with [livejournal.com profile] dorchadas. He continues to be a wonderful partner, best friend, GM and all of the other hats he wears in our marriage.

11.) A friend and my best friend moved away. It sucked, though I think the lead up to leaving was harder than when it actually happened. I've been happy that I'm close, or in many ways closer, with both of them and I've got a visit planned for March! Overall it's been a really positive experience that things can change, it's ok, and that I can trust those around me to still love me even if I'm a metaphorical ocean away.

12.) I experimented with makeup. I didn't wear it growing up really or in my adult life because of many reasons that should get their own post. But I realized I needed make up to make my photos look better and I wanted really good Natasha photos. I went from barely being able to get a basic wing to doing a super cool smokey eye with wings and contouring last night. I also fell in love with bright or dark dramatic lipsticks. I bought some super dark lipstick for last night and I will wear it everywhere because I love it.

13.) Took on a practicum student. Typically you don't get one until you've been a psych for three years and I can see why. My student is awesome and is a great addition but teaching someone else during a transitional year in your work place is hard. I worry I'm less purposeful with her than I wanted to be.

14.) Went to Phillidelphia and geeked out about the Constitution a lot. Dad and I read the Federalist Papers when I was in 7th grade and I have always had an interest in that portion of American history (See also me being Hamilton Trash). What I liked a lot was how much most of the exhibits acknowledged and addressed the many forms of racism that existed, including mentioning multiple times that George Washington was a slaver owner. Acknowledging the reality of our past, including our sometimes almost mythical founding fathers, is important (10 dollar founding father without a father got a lot farther... GAH sorry everyone for all the Hamilton...no actually not really.)

15.) Read 115 books. I put my goal down lower for 2016 because the pressure of reading 115 books again for the third year in a row was too much. If I read over my goal organically then great, but setting it so high meant I did a lot of reading without really engaging with the books I read. I discovered some amazing authors this year and read a lot of good books and some not so great books.


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