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I'm not really a resolution person. Most of my resolutions, starting at age 9 were to lose weight or to get straight A's. As I've gotten older I've made them less and less. Now that I'm at the point I am in my life I think more about what experiences I want to have in 2016. I was talking with a dear friend about beauty experiments we'd done over the past year. I thought about in what domains I'd like to try something new this year. And here they are:

-I'd like to try some new modes of fitness. I run and lift weights and I'd really like to try some new things. I've been looking at the Aerial fitness classes or taking a barre class.

-Stretching. My IT bands were created by Satan and bother me pretty regularly. This could be avoided if I actually stretched more. Finding videos I like, maybe taking a class or two, and building that habit is something I would like to do this year. Plus if I'm going to do more dance or try new fitness things, I need to really stretch more.

-Dance. I've been out of dance for a while, at least non-ballroom dance. I'd like to get back into it either taking Graham based modern or a basic ballet class. I'd also like to take a class in belly dance or Bollywood dance though I need to think about the cultural appropriation implications of me as The Whitest White Girl taking these classes. Needless today say, more dance.

-Try new recipes. I loved doing 50 weeks, 50 curries because it gave me a chance to work on new skills and expand my culinary repertoire. When I've made some of the early curries again, they've improved a lot now that I have a better sense of what I'm doing. I'd love to do something similar. I may make my way through Plenty or Plenty More since i like being fancy and I like veggies.

-Edit my nanowrimo novels. I've got three of them and I've never gone through and edited a novel before. I've enlisted Bucky's help with the initial read through. Getting an overall handle on a long editing process would be cool. I'm also considering re-starting a fiction blog. I had one in Japan but I've found a lot of joy in sharing my writing and exploring my voice.

-I want to try a really long-term cosplay goal. I'd love to make a Thranduil costume for [ profile] dorchadas. I enjoyed making the Winter Solider costume for Bucky last year and saw that if I let it, I can collaborate with others on costumes instead of hording the experience. I'd like to share that with [ profile] dorchadas

-More make up experiments! Playing with my appearance has been a big part of body acceptance for me and I enjoy it. It's a way for me to own my appearance instead of forgoing make up/ only wearing the faintest of make up so that I can get patriarchy cookies and "not deceive men" or "not look desperate". You can have my so purple it's almost black lipstick when you pry it from my cold dead hands!

Date: 2016-01-05 03:43 am (UTC)
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Pigeon pose is my absolutely favorite stretch. Loosens everything right up!


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