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While 2016 has been a year that has been personally challenging in addition to the state of the world challenging, I wanted to reflect on how I did on my different goals from this post

-Trying new modes of fitness: YES!!! I tried Air, Air Yoga, and Bikram yoga this year. I also changed my weight routine up and now use the weight room. I have found some great fitness buddies, most notably my Odinson-GymBro and the delightful Mdme Aldred. I look forward to trying more things this year!

-Stretching.I was better about stretching than I was in 2015 but it's still not as regular a habit as I would like. I've realized that the biggest difference between my ballerina LARP character and my fitness level is not so much strength or endurance as it is flexibility (and like a lifetime of ballet training)

-Dance. I did do more dancing this year, but still didn't make it to a formal class. I did attend Dance church when I visited Ashville and had a mutual dance lesson exchange with my best friend. This year, I am going to walk up to the Joel Hall studio and do it.

-Try new recipes. I did more baking this year which is really nice. I didn't do anything as ambitious as 50 weeks 50 curries. I got better at making certain things like dashi maki and Singaporean Chicken Rice. I have tried to do more with meal prep so that's also a new thing I suppose.

-Edit my nanowrimo novels. This one hit a major crinkle when the person who played Nehmer, who was going to be my editor, and I ended our friendship. In light of all that I have learned about that dynamic, it's a story I have lost interest in. I had an idea how I might want to overhaul the ending completely, make it a new story. I think I am more interested in getting my fiction blog back on track than I am revisitng those stories. If you want to read the super ultra mega rough drafts, feel free to message me but know that they are like the roughest of drafts.

-I want to try a really long-term cosplay goal. I started my planning earlier. Now that I know there's a fabric store closer to me I think this one will be easier to do next year. This year I've got 2 things for C2E2 and something for A-cen. I think this year the planning and collaborating I do definitely improved.

-More make up experiments! I wear makeup a bit more regularly but I don't know that I necessarily do a lot of experiments. I may have to take Mdme. Aldred up on her offer to come over and play. Maybe I'll try getting a make up monthly box!

New goals for next year coming Jan 1, 2017!
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