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Framing resolutions or goals as things I wanted to do this pst year was really helpful to me. For one, it let me look at what experiences I wanted to have. Secondly, it let me test out things without feeling beholden to them. There were things I didn't try this past year that were on my list but I didn't feel any shame around it. So now this year, things to try/do in 2017

Go to an adult ballet class. I've got one picked out, I like ballet. I want to learn more and I want to improve my skills. I love dance and have been out of a studio for too long. Following recs from my friends, Joel Hall looks like a great option.

Keep up my fiction blog. I started it last year, not thinking that I could do it. I did a really good job about updating and got lots of wonderful feedback on my writing and great support from my friends. However, after Japan I got out of my routine and then my SAD really soulsucked me. I think I am going to shoot for one longer story a month and then like a drabble or two at the end of the month. Amelia gave me excellent advice about "Writing the islands" instead of feeling like I have to start writing at the beginning and keep writing until I finish. I can write the moments that speak to me and write to connect them. I may consider taking a writing class which Amelia also speaks very highly of!

Try out a martial art. Robin and one of my students go to a badass awesome dojo and I've been wanting to try learning martial arts since I was a kid. I'd probably start during the summer, after my student graduates. I liked doing judo in Japan but it didn't fit with Brian and I's life then. It could be really cool and I feel like learning it would help give me focus. Plus training with Robin would be awesome!

Get a tattoo; I've been talking about wanting to get my tattoo for a while. I have this idea based on a pottery technique I saw in Japan and was reminded of when I started recovery. It would be a gold crack (or an approximation of gold) along my shoulder blade. The practice of kintsugi has a lot of meaning for me, in highlight breaks as part of the history of an object. Plus it has the dual meaning of one the quotes that got me through my really hard first few months of recovery "The crack in the place where the light enters you". So even if I don't do gold because tying it directly to kintsugi feels too appropriative, some way to represent that phrase in tattoo form would be great.

Get more office art/deocrate: I'm slowly starting to make my office my own but I need to keep going with that. I don't personalize it as much as I could because I think I"m afraid to move in. In 2016 I added a scent diffuser, the Phil Noto picture, a piece of Firefly art, and my Gene Ha picture. Plus I now have a hot water maker and tea station. It's getting to be my space, and I would like to make it more me. So more office art! Some lamps! And maybe hot cocoa and coffee too!

Resist: I want to go to protests, I want to tell asshole bigots on the train "No You Move". I may not be much of a social justice tank, but I have my moments where I can me. To quote Princess the Hopeful, I am a Mender of Hearts and I want to use my Mender skills to fight for justice. Everything from calling my congress people to standing in the cold saying "Never again". Be the badass punk high shouting about how crazy the system was that I was when I was a sophomore in high school. Be the person who took petitions aroudn the school informing people about the violations of women's rights under the Teliban pre-9/11. Be the person who would not shut up about feminism (but be waaaaaaaaaaaaay more intersectional) and who didn't care if someone disagreed with her or if someone was hurt by her speaking her truth.
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